We all want our resume to be perfect, to attract the attention of every hiring manager and eventually achieve us an interview. But this will need us to take into account various different details that are of great importance for an application, that’s why we’re bringing you 15 resume tips and tricks 2019 for you to put to practice every time you write a resume. It is important to know that the better the resume is, the more opportunities you will have to achieve a good outcome. However, it all comes down to knowing how to engage the hiring manager or employer faster, as Kerry Hannon says, “It has to be simple. No more than two pages. The average resume gets read in 10 seconds.” So, here you have the best 15 resume writing tips 2019 for you to make that resume look awesome and get every interview you want. Don’t hesitate to learn also what is the best font for resume 2019 to format your resume in a good way.

15 Best Resume Tips 2019

Here you will have tips on resume writing 2019, the best you will find according to your needs and making sure that they get you a great outcome with your application. Take a look:

  1. Write a cover letter according to the resume

best resume tips and tricks 2018

Many people say that cover letters are not important, but they actually help to portray your objectives in a better and more efficient way. However, you will have to write it in relevance to your resume.

  1. Mention your achievements and promotions

If you want hiring managers to take your resume more into account, you will have to mention any type of achievement of accomplishment you’ve had in your previous jobs plus your promotions, as they give a fine sense of how much you are able to offer.

  1. Avoid bluffing in your experience

A resume should always be totally honest and to the point. Make sure you have a concise and true experience section, always making a better and more honest impression. Just write responsibilities and achievements if any. Don’t exaggerate.

  1. The gap in your career history? Explain

If you haven’t worked for 1, 2 or 3 years or so, you may want to explain why. No matter what the reason is, you need, to be honest, and eventually explain exactly what happened, this eliminates the lack of trust. Do you know how to make a resume on word 2019? Here is the full guide for you.

  1. Use better action keywords

Something that attracts the attention of hiring managers is the use of great keywords. Not only about your experience and according to the open job position but words who portray your reliability and enthusiasm, words that portray action.

  1. Avoid the use of jargon

Jargon is always unnecessary. When you write using any type of jargon, you are immediately making it harder to read your resume and eventually boring. Avoid it for better outcomes.

  1. Save a PDF copy of your resume

It is common for applicants to eventually lose their applications and resumes. This mainly happens due to forgetting about saving their work correctly. If you want to avoid this, save it as PDF, it will help you have it for later and eventually give you the opportunity to send it to whoever you want.

  1. Write the resume according to the job description

When you write your resume, take into account that people are often looking something in specific. Make sure your resume goes according to what they’re looking for. You can use underlining words for more accuracy for your keywords.

  1. Explain and be detail oriented

Whatever it is you want to tell about yourself, make sure you give support to those statements. If you want to mention an achievement, be specific and explain with details about what you did exactly and how it happened.

  1. The first part of your resume is the most important

Make sure the resume looks good on the first part, the first three or two sections need to have a good word format and an understandable structure. Make it concise but good looking. Avoid unintelligible format and make it look more interesting with your most important details.

  1. Make sure your resume sounds right

This is a type of proofreading, making sure your resume sounds right and that it eventually offers exactly what you want it to offer. Read it aloud again and again until it sounds correct.

  1. Have a throughout good structure

Make sure your resume looks great in every way. Structure your resume as if you were structuring any other important file. Remember that it is important to make it easier to read and eventually engaging. Use the right margins, capital letters, bulleted lists and so on.

  1. Avoid too many white spaces

Something that makes the resume look bad is a bad white space. If it is not necessary at all, avoid white spaces always. Do not sacrifice your resume for a white space.

  1. Add coursework and pieces of training

Apart from your education, it is also important to add your previous courses and any type of training you may have in relevance with the job position. It will help you increase your opportunities.

  1. Make someone proofread your resume

If you want to avoid typos, spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes or even structures or format mistakes, make sure you tell someone to revise your resume in search of any of these. This will help you create a clearer and better resume.

Need Help with Your Resume?

AS you see, these are the best resume tips 2019 you will find. Make sure you take them into account at the moment of writing your resume and you will for sure achieve a better outcome at the end.

2019 Resume Tips are the best tips out there – if you follow them, you will achieve better opportunities!

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