When it comes to writing resumes, taking into account the font is really important as depending on how your resume looks, it will attract attention or eventually deflect it from hiring managers and potential employers. A proper font will for sure increase by 50% your chances of being selected, as a font can make someone feel compelled by your resume. But, what is the best for resume 2019? Is there a particular size, weight, and style? should you use Arial, Times new Roman, italic, bold, underlined or capital letters? What is the right font for resume 2019? If you want to know these, we recommend you to take a look further and find out. What is the 2019 resume length? Follow the link and discover.

How to Find the Perfect Font for Resume 2019

There are various several things that you have to take into account when choosing the right font for your resume. From the size to the boldness, underlining, typeface, but most importantly – the font name, a font that would make your resume look better as a whole. So, we’ve decided to make a list of things you should take into account look:

Don’t make it look too small or too big

One thing that can make a hiring manager look away from a resume if the resume font size 2019. If you choose a wrong font size that makes it impossible to read the resume for being too small or eventually makes it too annoying for being too big, you won’t be able to make a good impression and it is almost assured that the hiring manager won’t take your resume into account.

what is the best font for resume 2018

Don’t overuse variations

When you are creating your resume, take into account that an excess of italics, bold, underlining, strikethrough or capital letters and such can be really wrong to insert on a resume. It is always better to maintain a consistent format all across the resume in order to make it easier to read and eventually less annoying.

Don’t choose weird fonts

It is also important to choose fonts that are mostly known by everyone. You don’t need nor have to use a font that could make it harder or eventually confusing to read your resume. Some font types tend to have letters that look like others or sometimes they just don’t offer a proper readability, so choose according to what looks better and easier-to-read.

Best Font for Resume 2019

If you want the best font for resume 2019, here we are going to bring you some of the best and most common fonts you can use. Remember that we choose according to readability, style, and format, plus the best usability and which are the ones that hiring managers prefer. Take a look:

  1. Calibri

Calibri is simply beautiful and modern. It gives a perfect sense of taste plus a really wonderful style that is both readable and easy to understand by everyone. Calibri makes everything look clearer and adds personality to any type of text.

  1. Arial

Arial is maybe the most used typeface in the world. This font may not be perfect but offers great readability and it’s preferred by many people due to its simple design but great neutrality that looks serious but actionable at the same time. Click and learn some resume tips and tricks 2019 that will help you to format your resume perfectly!

  1. Georgia

Georgia is a type of font that gives a real sense of seriousness to anything thanks to its great square and firm design. However, it can be really hard to read on print, so it is immensely preferred to use it when it comes to digital resumes as it gives a wonderful impression.

  1. Garamond

Garamond offers a classic, elegant and stylish design. It is very similar to Georgia but with a more curvy feeling that gives more appeal and eventually makes it look a little unserious.

  1. Helvetica

Helvetica is also very popular among applicants as it makes the resume look a little better structured and gives a sense of professionalism. Helvetica is simple but fashionable at the same time, with a proper design to offer enough readability.

  1. Times New Roman

Another one of the most popular in the world, Times New Roman was the selected original Microsoft Office for a reason. It was stylish but professional, simple but with a great design, serious but still very actionable. This font is classic.

  1. Cambria

Cambria is mostly used for titles and other types of big formatted fonts. However, it can also be used for resumes as it is almost like the Calibri but with a little pointier finish. It is simple, nice to read and stylish.

  1. Verdana

This wonderful font is also very common. It is used due to its great format, giving the perfect sense of professionalism plus a really easy-to-read feeling that make it both serious and actionable.

Need Help with Your Resume?

If you are looking for the best for resume 2019, you can surely follow our recommendations and tips in order to make your resume look a lot better and achieve whatever you want to achieve.

Use any of our recommended font for resume 2019 and achieve that interview you so desire!