There’s always a problem for many people looking for jobs on which site should they share their resumes, this mostly happens as they don’t know about the best place to post resume 2019, and the different best sites for job search 2019. That’s why it is important to eventually learn and make sure you know about them. If you are looking for a chronological resume template 2019, you can find it here.

According to a Saddleback College survey, where they asked many employers about what is the best from job seeking sites 2019, they eventually came to these results:

  • College/University Career Center

With 69.3%, the career center of your college or university may be one of the best job search sites 2019 you could use. These sites are always recommended as they give a visibility boost to those students who stood out of the rest of students, whether they had great achievements or eventually achieved grades that are superior to others.

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  • Monster

This is one of the best sites to use if you eventually want to send your resume to the right company. With a 59.1% of preference among employers, this site offers a great number of advantages both for applicants and employers; especially because they let the applicant send their resume to the company or people they’re interested in. This way, it is also easier for employers to find the right ones.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn has always been a great website for this kind of activity. As a social media mainly designed for professionals who are both looking for work and trying to create a professional network, this site has a 58% of preference from employers, who say that having a LinkedIn is often more than enough for them, as this site shows everything about each professional, from work history to achievements and even their skills. It is a like a digital interactive resume.

  • CareerBuilder

This site offers the opportunity to apply for more long-time job positions and offers more opportunities to professional and highly trained people more than others. However, for a 55.7% preference from employers, it is actually one of the best for its daily job feed which updates itself when more and more people eventually send their open job positions and open opportunities depending on the industry-specific field they want someone from.

  • Craigslist

Craiglist as a whole is a site where you can post almost any type of request from jobs to services and even open job offers. However, when it comes to working as a job seeking sites, it has a 31.8% preference among employers, who say that this site is actually very good and gives the opportunity to look for people exactly according to what they’re looking for, making it easier and faster. Looking for some customer service resume examples 2019? Click here and observe!

  • Indeed

Indeed is always one of the best job search sites 2019 due to their wonderful platform that offers a visibility boost for applicants and an option to find the right company or job position according to your skills and experience. Posting a resume in here will immediately help you have a better visibility and eventually increase your chances of being hired by small businesses, especially. It has an 18.2% preference among employers, who say it is good enough.

  • Facebook

Even though Facebook is actually a social media site, it is also one of the best sites for job search 2019, as it offers the opportunity to portray various different things about a professional person and eventually helps at creating a better network. With a 17% preference from most employers, Facebook is actually very good for posting your resume and looking for a job, especially if you look for the right company.

  • Twitter

Twitter is also a great way of finding a job, especially for the wonderful way Twitter works about sharing content between users. This helps a lot of professional to promote their work and eventually be seen by more people if they do know how to create good content that could be seen by the right eyes. With a preference of 9.1%, Twitter is very efficient for job seekers and employers looking for great job opportunities.

Additional Best Job Sites 2019

The previous sites are great places to look for job opportunities and for employers to find the right applicants. However, there are also many other sites who offer an even better opportunity, these are:

  • ZipRecruiter

This site gives a visibility boost to both employers and applicants. This happens due to their freedom of ads policies that also work with a wonderful keyword algorithm, helping people find the right company and the right applicants accordingly. This makes it simply the best place to post resume 2019.

  • Dice

Specially designed for people who work in the technology field, like IT professionals and engineers, this wonderful site offers the opportunity to find better opportunities and the highest quality possible from both employers and applicants. Dice is also one of the best sites for job search 2019.

Need Help Posting Your Resume?

As you see, these are the best job sites 2019 you will find online, helping you in many ways and offering advantages that go beyond any other. What’s more, you will be able to enjoy from many different opportunities that make them simply the best job search sites 2019.

You just need to find the best place to post resume 2019 according to your needs and you will the exact job you were looking for!