A cover letter is always an important part of any resume. This part is the one that every hiring manager takes into account before taking a look at the resume. It works as an introduction of what the applicant offers and a glimpse of the experience and skills that would eventually make the hiring manager decide to take a look at the resume or just not. That’s why it is important to have the best resume cover letter 2019 if you really want to achieve great things with it. There’s no other better option for a good outcome than writing a perfect resume cover letter format 2019, one that would make everyone feel interested in whatever it is you have to offer. On the other hand, not following the proper format of a resume cover letter 2019 can be fatal, as hiring managers tend to look at this as a very serious thing, formats have a giant importance on cover letters as they offer a better approach to the skills and experience of an applicant, if they’re not formatted correctly, they can make a hiring manager forget about that resume. Take a look also at the best resume format 2019 for fresher you can make use of.

How to Write a Good Resume Cover Letter

Writing a good resume cover letter 2019 is all about knowing what you have to portray in it. From your specific reasons to want to be part of a company to a personal connection, you may want to create with the hiring manager, a relevant accomplishment with the field of work or type of job position you’re applying for and even the importance of such work opportunity to your career. You will need to portray these in your cover letter if you want to make a better impression.

tips for the best resume cover letter 2018

1. State your specific reasons to apply

When you send a apply for a job position, you need to send a cover letter that explains the specific reasons for you to decide to send your resume for such a job. You need to make sure that your reasons and motivations are understood.

2. State your value as a specialist

Whatever it is you have to offer, take it into account and mention it in the cover letter. This part is incredibly important, the more skills you and strong features you clear out to the hiring manager, the higher the opportunities to be selected for an interview.

3. Tell a story

If you get to tell a story, whether it is about a previous working experience or about your motivation to work on the company, you need to do it well enough. If you do, the opportunities of being hired increase immensely, so we recommend doing this in a proper manner.

4. Send a short salutation to someone in specific

When you send a salutation to someone in the company in a professional and efficient way, you are immediately making the hiring manager take you into account. Especially if you address the letter to someone, the hiring manager will make sure that it gets to the proper hands. What is the most optimal 2019 resume length? Follow the link and learn about it.

Resume Cover Letter Example 2019

One of the main things you have to take into account is the subject line for resume and cover letter email 2019. Take this example for more information:

Contact information

Name of the applicant


City, State, and Zip Code

Phone number

Email address

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram Page

Date of application



This is one of the first and most important parts of the cover letter. You need to make a personal connection with someone you know inside the company or make a general type of salutation if you don’t anyone. If you have someone to address the letter to, start with “Dear Mr. or Ms. Plus the last name of the person”, if you don’t know anyone you may better write something like “To Whom it May Concern or Dear Hiring Manager/Employer”. You just need to make a salutation, make sure they know you have modals and that you know how to address a letter successfully.

Body of the cover letter

In this part, you need to make sure to state your reasons to apply, which position you are applying for and if you can, tell a story about yourself in relevancy with the job position you apply for.

Close of the cover letter

You can close the cover letter by doing a great closing statement. Whether you thank someone to have read your letter or just make a respectful salutation in order to make sure you show your modals.

Add signature

As you see, writing a resume cover letter format 2019 is not too hard. You just need to make sure you know the rules and follow them to the letter.

You can also take a look at this resume cover letter format 2019 example:

resume cover letter format 2018 example

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Follow our tips and sample of cover letter and you will for sure achieve a great job position in the company of your choosing!

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