There is a question about resumes that always tends to make a lot of applicants think about whether to use a chronological resume or a functional one. However, as it depends on many things, most people usually end up using the chronological resume, and this is where another question arises “How Far back should a resume go 2019?”

So, there is necessary to know about a chronological resume template 2019, a type of example people could use to eventually find out how a chronological resume 2019 should be written and what it should portray. That’s why we’ve decided to give our recommendations on how to write a chronological resume and different 2019 chronological resume templates for you to have an idea. Take a look! Asking yourself “do I need an objective on my resume 2019?” Find the answer here!

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How to Write a Chronological Resume 2019

First off, remember that a chronological resume is a type of resume most people use to emphasize work experience and related accomplishments to your work history, creating a better outcome for those applicants who have a wide and eventually better work experience. So, it is necessary to adapt the resume according to this, and that’s only achievable doing this:

1. Concentrate on your work experience

As said before, you need to focus your resume on your work experience. You need to make sure that it portrays everything from your work history to any type of related accomplishments or achievements, making sure they are understandable and easy-to-read in a way that seems compelling and engaging.

2. Add professional experience and skills

After portraying your work experience and achievements, you need to make sure that your professional experience, it means your tasks and previous works you developed according to your skills. This way you can eventually make sure that your resume is eventually fit for the type of job you are applying for.

3. Portray education and additional skills

Something important about chronological resumes is the education and skills parts. However, both of these sections are usually located at the final of the resume. In the education section, you will write everything from high-school to college, always writing the latest at first. Then, your additional skills you can portray things like highly adaptable, able to work under pressure, reliable, and such. This way, your resume will eventually look better. What is the best place to post resume 2019? Find out here.

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Resume sample is available to download in Word format!

4. Write your contact information and introduction

For a chronological resume, or maybe all kind of resumes, it is always recommended to write your contact information and a resume introduction where you explain your goals, part of your achievements and a brief description of your profile and potential as a professional. Most people put these sections at the top in a chronological resume template word 2019, but it is possible to put it at the end, more as a contact information and a conclusion to engage hiring managers more.

5. Use keywords according to the job

Now, as a rule for chronological resumes, you need to know that simply portraying a really good and vast work experience won’t do it by itself. You need to make sure you use keywords and highlight any achievement, work experience or skill according to the job posting you sent your resume for. This way, you can make sure that you will increase your opportunities.

What’s Better a Functional or Chronological Resume 2019?

Both types of resumes are great and may eventually work for everyone the same. However, there are a little different that could eventually have a bigger impact on the hiring managers of a job position depending on the profile of the applicant. For example, a chronological resume is always the most used, especially because it portrays the work experience and achievements in a more engaging way.

However, the functional resume is better depending on the type of applicant, where some may have gaps on their work experience, are changing their professional path or even just changed jobs too constantly, they can use this type of resume to portray what really matters, like skills, achievements, and education in a more engaging way that focuses in this part.

So, as you see, a chronological resume 2019 would eventually be better is you are a person who’s had a great professional experience, while the functional one is better for people who are fresher or have had gaps in their work history.

2019 Chronological Resume Templates

Resume objective 2018 sample
Resume objective 2018 example
Resume objective 2018 template

Need Help with Your Resume?

As you see, creating a chronological resume has a lot of advantages and is eventually very easy to do. However, you will need to take into account why exactly you need to write one and how far should a resume go 2019.

For this, you can take our recommendations on this article, make sure you follow every advice to the letter and you will for sure achieve a better outcome for your application, receiving great reviews.

Take a look at our chronological resume template 2019 and make sure you create the best!