One of the most common careers in the world is customer service, this type of job tends to offer vast opportunities for many different companies, but as a whole, it can pretty difficult to write a resume for it. This happens because most employers are looking for people who already have experience or at least have the basic skills.

So, you will need some help if you want to write one of these. That’s why we’ve decided to give you some of the best customer services resume examples 2019 and some of the best customer service keywords for resume 2019 that will help you adapt your resume to any type of open job position in this field. Take a look further into this article and find out more! Wondering what is the best place to post resume 2019? Then click and observe some of them!

9 Tips to Write a Customer Service Resume 2019

Remember that this field of work always needs people who can offer a professional level. So, you will need to write a customer service professional 2019 resume if you really want to be taken into account and eventually get an interview. That’s why we recommend doing the following for a better outcome:

1. Include perfect keywords

Keywords are always a great idea for any type of resume. However, you will need to know which is the strongest when it comes to customer service. These are: easy to communicate, consult experience, customer care, technical support, assertive, social skills, legible voice, modals and so on.

2. Be specific on your skills, experience, and achievements

When you portray your skills or achievements, you need to be specific, explain whether with good keywords or numbers for a better understandability to the hiring managers. Follow these customer service resume examples 2019 of the proper specificity:

  • Used to handle more than 100 calls daily in the area of technical support and consulting.
  • The average customer satisfaction rating of my performance was 90%.
  • Ability to train new employees in customer care and teach them to communicate properly.

customer service resume 2018 tip

3. Focus on portraying customer service skills

There are hundreds of keywords you could use for a resume, but there are some that will eventually help you achieve a better outcome in customer service job positions. These are customer care skills, technical support, office skills, interpersonal skills, competence and good customer satisfaction rating, management and superior efficiency skills, and so on.

4. Investigate keywords properly

Remember that these keywords would eventually have a different efficiency depending on the type of job you’re applying for. Remember that customer service can be many different things, from technical support to only give information about products and so on. Investigate correctly and take into account the job offer, you will eventually find out and adapt your resume better.

customer service resume examples 2018
Don’t hesitate to download this sample in Word!

5. Use bullet points

Bullet points are always a great way of maintaining the information within your resume better structured and easy-to-read. A 2019 customer service resume would eventually get immensely improved when you use bullet points correctly to portray both your skills and previous experience if you have any. Are you looking for the best resume builders 2019? Click here and choose the one you can make use of!

6. Action verbs are always helpful

These are some verbs that will help you incredibly when you use them. These words called action verbs give your skills and achievements more importance and engage with hiring managers. These are: implement, provide, post, manage, communicate, supply, maintain, listen, answer and so on.

Have a look at a 2019 customer service resume sample:

2018 customer service resume sample

7. Put your skills before education

One problem many customer service resume examples 2019 have is having a wrong order of sections. For a customer service resume 2019, you need to focus on your skills and achievements, make sure the hiring managers know that you actually hold the necessary skills to perform good enough. So, focus on your skills and achievements, put them before education.

8. Specify in which area you’re better

If you eventually are better at a certain type of customer care service, you need to specify, especially if the job position actually complies with what you are better at. This way, you will grab the attention of hiring managers immediately.

9. Don’t have experience? Adapt!

If you are someone applying for a customer service job but you don’t have any experience, you can adapt your skills and previous experience to the job, no matter what it is exactly. Transfer your skills, make sure they can offer something in customer service and eventually make them look good different. Remember that customer service focus on communication and good social skills.

Need Help with Your Resume?

Now that you’ve seen some of the best customer service resume examples 2019 and taken a look at the best customer service keywords for resume 2018, you can eventually make the best resume you can think of without any problem.

Remember to take our recommendations into account achieve the best customer service resume 2019 RIGHT NOW!