There’s always a question many applicants tend to make when they start creating their resumes “Do I need an objective on my resume 2019?” Well, a resume objective is always a great idea and a great way of making your resume have more opportunities to eventually get a good review from hiring managers.

A resume objective 2019 is a little part of the resume where you will write your considerations for the career and why exactly you’re thinking of applying for the job. This will make you a better option if you eventually use a good way of portraying your desires on the position on offer. Simply, a resume objective has one main purpose and it is to attract attention. Do you know how to list skills on a resume 2019? If you are still wondering, take a look at our tips.

Should I Put an Objective on My Resume 2019?

It all depends. As you know, the objective goes at the beginning of a resume, and it will for sure be seen by the hiring manager or resume reviewer when you send your application. However, it is not always recommended even though it is a good way of telling your mind and being honest if you need to.

So, we mainly recommend doing it if you are changing your career or have been in a work gap for more than 2 years. This will help you be more honest and eventually write a compelling resume objective to grab attention.

Simple, a resume objective 2019 is great, but always depending on your purpose. As Lily Zhang from The Muse says, “But there’s one occasion when your resume should, in fact, return to the objective statement: when you’re making a huge career change.”

Now, take a look at some of the best resume objective examples 2019.

good resume objective examples 2018

Good Objective Examples for Resume 2019

Resume objectives are fairly simple to use and very helpful. However, it all depends on many things and tips you should take into account before writing one. Follow this guide with examples:

  1. Explain how you fit for the job

First, you should know that a resume objective needs to be specific and portray your interest correctly in order to attract attention. As Kimberly Myers says, “These days, however, introductory statements have to pull the employer’s attention in from the start and give them a reason to continue reading.”


“Experienced English Teacher with more than 5 Years of College teaching activities and specialized activities in the academic area. Looking to expand my field of work and use my skills and knowledge to improve the overall of your company.”

  1. Never use personal pronouns

As Kimberly Myers says, “One thing to keep in mind is that although the resume should target the position applied for, it should not be written in the first person (using I, me, my, etc.).” So, it is utterly important that you avoid them at all times. Don’t start a statement like this:

“I worked as an accountant for 5 years on the company from Ireland.”

Instead, do this:

“Worked as an account for 5 years at the car company from Ireland and achieve a high success that I want to share with yours.”

  1. Be brief and clear

You need to know that something that makes hiring managers boring is to see lots of fluff and unnecessary information. They want you to be clear and to the point, talk about your experience, achievements, and skills without explaining, just by naming what you did, what you offer and what you are intending to achieve. No more.


“A successful entrepreneur in the area of shoe manufacturing with increased sales over the past two years looking for a way to widen my brand alongside your company.”

As you see, this example is straightforward and even though it looks more like a business proposition, you can see how clear and concise it is without going into details.

  1. Attract attention

Attracting attention will help you immensely at the moment of getting an opportunity on a job or an interview. But you will have to do it first. We recommend using statements that would impress the resume reviewers whether with humor or with an exaggerate or honest approach.


Experienced Civil Engineer with tons of experience and many skills developed in the course of 12 years. Looking for a wonderful company to offer my best building skyscrapers skills for you.

  1. Be as honest as possible

Something that will eventually make you look better is you are honest and straightforward in your resume objective. Take a look:

“Experienced teacher with more than 5 years of experience. Coming to the field of work after a 2 years gap. Ability to be proactive, confident and a great leader.”

  1. Are you a fresher? Do this

If you are someone who has recently graduated and doesn’t have enough experience to offer, you can do this to make it better:

“Dedicated and creative Graphic Designer with a desire to learn and practice my skills as a professional. Willingness to improve and to learn new things alongside a great team of work.”

  1. Use numbers and specification

A perfect resume objective to attract attention would be one with numbers and specification on the experience and achievements. Here’s an example:

“Professional Graphic Designer with 5 years of experience who accomplished a Masters in Arts and is able to surpass more than 2000 people in every type of work.”

  1. Focus on what is the employer looking for

Always take into account whatever is the job position looking for. If for example, a job opening is looking for an experienced accountant with more than 5 years of experience and able to perform in highly demanding environments, you can write this:

“Experienced and Talented Accountant with more than 5 Years of Experience and skills to develop great empathy and high-performance alongside a great team of work and demanding contexts.”

Need Help with Your Resume?

These resume objective examples 2019 will for sure help you achieve your purpose with a great resume. However, take into account that it all depends on what you need to portray exactly.

So, is your question “Do I Need an Objective on my Resume 2019?” answered? Well, you just need to take a look further into the article and find out!

Follow our recommendations and make the best resume objectives possible.