It is known that people who list their skills on their LinkedIn profile have much more opportunities to have their profile viewed by around 13%. And this is utterly incremented when someone publishes their resume, making it even better for people who are looking for specific skills and a person according to their needs. However, uploading a resume to LinkedIn is not always the best idea.

If you want to learn how to add a resume to LinkedIn 2019, you may better learn if it is recommended or not, to upload resume to LinkedIn 2019 and what advantages does it offer over those who don’t do it. For this, we’ve made a guide for you to find if you should import LinkedIn resume 2019 and how you can do it.

With this guide, you will learn many different important things to take into account when trying to add an actual CV, from where to add resume to LinkedIn 2019 to how to do it perfectly and what’s the best moment to do it. Take a look and find out more! What are the best resume builders 2019? Click here and learn.

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Should You Upload Resume to LinkedIn 2019 or Not?

There are hundreds of opportunities for you if you import LinkedIn resume 2019, as you will be uploading your professional information to a more public site where people will be able to see your profile and make sure you possess the skills and experience they’re looking for. However, not everyone thinks this way…

Donna Serdula, a professional LinkedIn consultant and writer and expert in every way about LinkedIn, say that “You want your LinkedIn profile to be the hook that gets people to request your resume. That way, you have control and can determine who gets to see it.”

Meaning that a resume shouldn’t be there if you don’t want to get your personal info stolen, “Your resume contains your complete career trajectory and you don’t want just anyone able to download it. There are nefarious people out there looking to steal identities and such.”

She later adds that what really matters about LinkedIn is being able to make contact with employers and other professionals directly. About this she says, “You want recruiters and hiring managers and HR people to contact you so you can show them you are a real person– you can ask questions and make a great impression while engaging in human contact.”

But as she doesn’t recommend uploading a resume to LinkedIn, she still gives the opportunity to decide by yourself. Even though it is not recommended, she finishes with “However, if you do decide to upload your resume to your LinkedIn profile, consider removing your home address and any other confidential information you aren’t comfortable sharing with the whole wide world.”

At the end, employers “love it when a resume is attached to your profile – this way they can read it without ever contacting you and they can immediately dismiss you without ever talking to you.”

So it is all up to you to upload resume to LinkedIn 2019 or not. We recommend it, so you will need to learn how to add a resume to LinkedIn 2019. Take a look!

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How to Add Resume to LinkedIn Profile 2019

LinkedIn is one of the easiest and most useful sites to import the data of your professional life and put it in digital in order to look for professional opportunities. This way, you can make your professional info be public information, making it easier for employers to find your resume and profile in order to see if you fit their needs and hire you if they desire. What is the new resume format 2019? Click here and make sure you know it!

But, how do people do to add their resume to their profile? Here’s how:

  1. Sign into LinkedIn using a browser

Register if you haven’t yet, then sign in and make sure your profile has a profile photo and such, make sure the basics are covered before doing this.

  1. Click on the menu at the top and then profile interface

Now, where to add resume LinkedIn 2019? After clicking on profile interface, you will click on the arrow alongside the “Edit My Profile” button, and expand the options.

  1. Click on import resume

Here, you will be given a pop-up where you will need to look for your resume on your computer, try to have it on Word or PDF if you can and then click on “Upload”.

  1. Review your resume

After the resume is totally uploaded to LinkedIn, you will need to review and make sure everything is in its right position. Delete personal information like address and phone if you need to.

  1. Save changes and quit

After successfully changing the information, you will need to “Save Changes” and quit. This way you will already have your professional resume uploaded to the website.

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Need Help with Your Resume?

Learning how to add resume to LinkedIn 2019 is really easy. As you see, you just need to follow easy guidelines and you will have your resume totally uploaded to the website, making it easier for you to get more views and eventually easier to employers to find about your professional history.

So, what are you waiting for? Import LinkedIn Resume 2019 NOW and get every opportunity you’re waiting for! Don’t Hesitate!