One of the things that are most difficult for those who make resumes in the computer, is finding out how to make a resume on Word 2019. Even though Microsoft Word is the most used writing platform for PCs, it is also one of the most confused when it comes to making different types of template, in this case, resumes. To make a good resume, you need a good resume template word 2019. These templates can be found on the program, but need a little of expertise and experience with it if you really want to make it look good. For this, we’ve created the best word 2018 resume templates guidelines in order to help you create your own. Learn the most efficient resume tips and tricks 2019 to create a really good resume!

How to Make a Resume on Word 2019? Observe a Template

Here, we are going to show you how to make a resume on a word by using a Microsoft Word resume template 2019. Take into account every step on this guide and make sure to create the best resume template word 2019.

1. Create the document

One of the first things you need to do is to create the .docx file where you are going to eventually write your resume. However, this task depends on how you create it, taking into account the format of the page and other base guidelines. First, go to Page Layout and change the margins to Narrow. This way you will be able to use as much of the page as possible, making it easier to make a better structured and organized resume, with more information and more readability.

2. Create the contact Info tab

After creating the page, you need, to begin with, your contact information in the first part of the page. Most hiring managers take this into account, as they will want to know who’s the owner of the resume and how can a contact be made with that person. Remember to add your complete name, address (optional), phone number, email and any professional social media page or LinkedIn. Find here some pieces of advice for creating resumes that stand out 2019.

tips on how to make a resume on word 2018

3. Remember to break in sections

Go to Page Design tab and then click on Breaks. You will create different breaks in the same page, remembering that your purpose is to have different sections in order to portray different things on your resume, from your experience, skills, education, a resume description and so on. This will also make it look more organized.

4. Choose a good color design

One of the most important things on creating a resume template for word 2019 is to take into account the design and colors. You don’t want people to have trouble reading or understanding what is being portrayed. That’s why it is important to make a good design and use easy-to-read colors. Stick to black and gray if possible.

5. Choose the right typeface

If you want your resume to be legible, and be able to read graphics or any other type of information you add to your resume, you will need to choose the right font. We recommend sticking to Georgia, Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman and Garamond if possible.

6. Make titles stand out

Now it’s the time to make the titles of each section of your resume to stand out. This helps you make the hiring managers go directly to where they want to go on your resume and look exactly at what they need to look.

7. Use word features

In order to make your resume template word 2019 be easier to read and eventually have more efficiency, you need to use bullet points, different types of fonts, spacing, size and bolding in order to make it more engaging to the hiring manager.

8. Create a good file name

After you finish your Microsoft Word resume template 2019, you will need to save it. We recommend using a good name for the document in order to make it easier for people to spot it and eventually know that it comes from you.

9. Use preconfigured word templates

As you see, one of the best features of using words is the word 2019 resume templates, these templates are preconfigured in order to make it easier and faster for any applicant to write their resumes. You just need to go to File tab, then click on New and selected the Resume Templates. Here you will find thousands of templates for your resume.

What’s Better Word or PDF?

There has been a long question and debate in order to know what’s actually better for resumes, Word or PDF. Well, it all comes down to how you make use of your keywords and what kind of design you want to give it. However, as most companies nowadays tend to use an ATS software to sort out between applicants, we recommend using Word, as PDF tends to have problems with this type of tool.

Need Help with Your Resume?

As you see, learning how to make a resume on word 2019 is fairly simple and completely easy to do. You just need to take into account our recommendations and tips, and you will for sure create a wonderful resume on the word in no time. Remember to follow each step to the letter, and eventually use the word 2019 resume templates if you want a faster and efficient approach.

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