It is known that when one creates a resume, we have to use those words that would make us look better in the eyes of our future employers. No matter what the type of job it is or what we are actually intending to demonstrate with our resume, if we use key resume words 2019, it is more likely that we would get our resume reviewed and probably taken into account.

According to a study made by TheLadders, hiring managers only take 6 seconds to look at a resume and make a decision on whether or not review it. But the main factor that makes them review the resumes are the words used in it. The better they are and the more they captivate their attention, the more likely they are to review it. So you need to use them correctly.

However, these resume buzzwords 2019 need to be motivational words, words that give a specific explanation of your skills and personal achievements, words that attract attention, industry words according to our field of work and words that are actually relevant to the job post you want to apply for.

What Are Good Key Resume Words?

These key resume words are mainly known for being able to portray strong action and experience. They show the ability of the applicant to succeed, to stand out, and all about his achievements and experience in the field of work or in a relevant one. These also help to match an applicant depending on what the job position offer is about, so the closest keyword according to what is being needed, will make the resume have more opportunities.

For example, if someone’s looking for a good civil engineer with great accomplished and improved AutoCAD skills, keywords according to the resume will immediately be taken into account, and thus the resume will be in a better position.

They will simply help you to increase your chances of being selected for an interview. But always depending on both your experience and achievements plus every skill you’ve developed and every ability you can offer as a worker in relation to what the job offer is looking for.

If you use good resume buzzwords 2019, you will for sure be part of those reviewed resumes, getting yourself a lot more attention and eventually having more opportunities of being offered a job. But it all depends on how good these words are, that’s why we’ve decided to give you some examples of the best resume keywords 2019 you can use in order to make your resume have more chance. Take a look!

Resume Keywords List 2019





Founded Researched


Headed Revised


Implemented Serviced


Improved Setup
Administer Improvised Simplified
Appraised Increased Sold
Amended Initiated Solved
Allocated Innovated Started
Altered  Inspected Streamlined
Analyzed Installed Strengthened
Approved Instituted Structured
Arranged Interpreted Succeeded
Assembled Introduced Summarized
Budgeted Invented Superseded
Built Launched Supervised
Calculated Led Supported
Completed Maintained Traced
Conceived Managed Traded
Conducted Mediated Trained
Coordinated Motivated Transferred
Created Negotiated Transformed
Delegated Operated Translated
Delivered Organized Trimmed
Demonstrated Performed Uncovered
Designed Planned UnifiedScheduled
Developed Presented Updated
Devised Produced Used
Directed Processed Utilized
Edited Programmed Vacated
Established Proposed Verified
Estimated Promoted Withdrew
Evaluated Provided Won
Expanded Redesigned Worked
  Reduced Wrote

It is no lie that using any of these words will help you have more chances with your application. But you will have to learn how to use them properly, you won’t like to make them look too stuffed or eventually make the resume look actually bad and overly keyworded.

Use Resume Buzzwords 2019 and Achieve a Better Outcome!

For this, we recommend using no more than 10 of these keywords position in different parts of your resume. Use 3 on your work experience and achievement list. Use 4 more on your ability and skills list and use at least 3 on your resume description, where you write about yourself and your value as an applicant.

best key resume words 2018

But that’s not all. You will have to position these key resume words 2019 in places they will actually be seen. Like the first sentence of a paragraph or the start of a sentence or title. Make sure these keywords are seen and eventually be assured that the hiring manager will see them.

On the other hand, you will have to avoid the worst words on CV, those which are commonly used by almost anyone and make a resume look like almost every other. These words are mainly the ones which refer to STRONG adjectives before skills and experience, like great, experienced, proficient, talented, best, better and so on. Try not to use them, these words can make a hiring manager look away from your resume.

Need Help with Your Resume?

If you need some help with your resume, there won’t be a better help out there than using these key resume words 2019.

Follow this guide on how to use them and which words are recommended, you will eventually be able to succeed on every job application and get as many interviews as you want.

Start right now and craft that wonderful resume using these words!