If you are someone who’s looking for a job, you for sure need a resume, but with a resume, you need to know the resume do and don’ts 2019 in order to avoid making mistakes while writing it and adapt it correctly to your type of experience, skills, and professionalism.

That’s what a good resume 2019 is about, using new technologies and a great formatting and font in order to make a professional resume depending on what you do and what you can offer to potential employers.

Next, you will have some of the things you shouldn’t do to avoid resume mistakes 2019 and the perfect practices to make a good resume example 2019. Take a look further and find out! What is the new resume format 2019? Click here and observe the latest trends.

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Resume Do and Don’ts 2019

As promised, in the following list you will have some of the document embellishments that will help you create a professional resume 2019. Follow these do and don’ts in order to achieve a modern design and a better outcome with your resume.

– Do’s:

1. Do сhoose the proper words

If you don’t know how to improve your resume, using the right words and keywords are of real importance. They will help you maintain a proper style and eventually make it easier for hiring managers to find exactly what they were looking for. Don’t include difficult technical words or jargon, stick to the action verbs and functional words that could work as keywords.

2. Do use concise and direct English

Don’t try to embellish your resume with words that not really add anything. If you want to portray your writing skills or your good vocabulary there will be other times to do it. Instead, try to use concise, direct and understandable language in order to avoid any type of misunderstanding and making sure anyone can feel engaged with what you portray in your resume.

3. Do always include contact information

You won’t like people who want to contact you to eventually don’t have the opportunity to do it as you forgot to add your contact information to your resume. Make sure you list your phone, email and any professional social media if possible. This way, hiring managers can contact you easily if they need to.

4. Do focus on relevant skills and experiences

It has always been a really important practice to focus on any relevant skills and experiences according to the company centered job position. This way you can make sure that the hiring managers can eventually find your resume be more according to what they’re looking for, making it easier to land a job.

5. Do take into account ATS

ATS is a thing of today. An Applicant Tracking System takes into account the relevancy of your resume to the open job position, making sure your resume gets to be reviewed if it fits the description of the job. The new technologies like the ATS, make use of keywords and related info.

6. Do specify and explain

Something of a lot of importance for resumes is to make sure your information is explained and quantified. This way you can make sure that whatever you portray on your professional resume 2019, is more trustful and increases your chances to getting selected by engaging more.

7. Do use new technologies

Nowadays, there are hundreds of new things you can try to create a resume. Something we recommend is the use of interactive and digital resumes. This way you can avoid resume mistakes 2019 and eventually make a good resume example 2019 according to your needs and desires.

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1. Don’t be negative or pessimistic

Something that tends to get hiring managers confused and sometimes even upset, is the use of negative phrases or pessimistic things on resumes. People writing confidential information about their lives or just asking to get the job for things that are not of real importance to the employer are things that are of utmost importance to avoid at all times when creating a resume.

2. Don’t overuse your words

Always find new ways of portraying your information. Try to find synonyms to things you already said or at least find even more powerful words to say something in a different way, this will help you engage more and avoid having a boring resume. Also, it is a waste of space.

3. Don’t use references

References are a thing of the past. Nowadays, they are always avoided, so you should too. With your skills and work experience would be enough to know if you are good for the job.

4. Don’t make it longer than one page

Even though it is recommended for people with a vast series of educational achievements and a vast work experience to do create a two-page resume, we actually recommend to leave it on just one. It is immensely better to have a good modern design instead of an old one that ends up being a waste of space. Always try to accommodate your resume in just one. Not sure how to write your statement in a resume? Click here and observe the resume summary statement examples 2019 to help you.resume summary statement examples 2019

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Need Help with Your Resume?

With the previous Do and Don’ts 2019, you will for sure have a great way of avoiding the most common mistakes in resumes and eventually making it be better according to the job position you are applying for.

Make sure you follow this good resume example 2019 and make the BEST resume you can think of!