There’s always a common doubt among job seekers, “Should I Include Professional Summary of My Resume 2019 or not?” A question many people wants to know the answer to and that is simply one of the things that actually, everyone should know about. A resume summary must be added, but only if you need it.

For this, we have the best resume summary statement examples 2019, different types of resume summaries you can look and take into account when writing your resume. This will help you make yourself look better in the eyes of hiring managers and eventually capture their attention if you follow our resume summary tips 2019.

Take a look further into this article and find out how communicating professional objective is eventually helpful and how a resume summary 2019 will help you do it. Make sure you know all the resume do and don’ts 2019, to format your resume in a professional way.

Resume Summary Examples 2019

Remember, a good resume summary 2019 needs to be according to your professional background and adapted to the type of job you’re applying for. This way you can eventually make sure that it will help you achieve that interview you want. However, it also depends on many other factors, like the following:

1. Start with title and a few lines

First off, you need to make sure that the first thing you talk about in your resume summary is about your role and professional career. Whatever it is you’re specialized on and even more if it is relevant to the job position, you need to make sure that it can be seen in the first line of your resume summary, this way you will make it easier for hiring managers to spot your profession.

2. Write with relevancy to the opened job position

As said before, make sure you write your summary according to the needs and desires of the employer. Make sure you adapt your career highlights to the details of the job you are applying for. Make sure you are the person they are looking for. It all comes down to knowing what you can offer to them and how you fit with their needs. A summary will help you explain it.

top resume summary tips 2018

3. Focus on your main skills and achievements

When creating a resume summary, you need to make sure that your top skills and previous important achievements are perfectly displayed. This way, you can make sure that your top information is already given, and then you just need to keep going with whatever is left to say about yourself, but…

4. Keep it concise and direct

You don’t have to write a story or a personal statement. You just need to make a summary of whatever you are and what you can offer as a professional. It is as simple as that, everything else is just unimportant and sometimes even useless and totally unnecessary. Avoid writing things that are not important and focus on what matters, being concise and direct.

5. Last lines should be about what you can offer

Make sure you know about the requirements of the job position. Then, you can adapt your skills and abilities according to this, making sure you can offer exactly what they’re looking for, making it easier for hiring managers to spot a good applicant in your resume and give you the opportunity if they feel compelled enough. Don’t miss your chance to make use of the web design resume 2019 tips, you can find here.

6. Don’t add technical skills

Something that many people tend to do in the summary section is to add skills that are not appropriate for this section. Yes, you need to add skills, but being proficient in Microsoft Office or just being good at “teamwork” are not skills recommended to use in this section. Stick to what the company is looking for and your best achievements and skills.

You can follow this resume summary example on an already written resume for a better idea of what you need to do:

example of a resume summary 2018

7. Focus on your future and not your past

There’s also a great importance on knowing that you shouldn’t focus on your past. Even when you have a great experience and developed great skills, a resume summary 2019 should use them in order to offer more to the company, making sure you can use whatever experiences or skills of your past in order to make your resume look better and look like you are proficient and that will keep improving.

8. Use action verbs and not adjectives

Instead of using words like “motivated”, “hardworking”, “result-oriented”, “professional”, and so on, you can use action verbs, works that give a glimpse of what you did in the past, and what you can offer to the future. This way you can make your resume summary look better and hold the exact information you need.

Need Help with Your Resume?

As you see, there are thousands of resume summary examples 2019 of what you need to do. They will help you immensely in creating your own, but always if you take into account our best resume summary tips 2019 and make sure your resume is always perfect.

Write the best resume summary 2019 with our recommendations and GET THAT INTERVIEW!